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Fascia in athletic performance

Currently, in the world of athletic development, we are experiencing the moment of the demystification of FASCIA, an underestimated structure in the training process, while the focus of the training process has been maintained in relation to the physical work of the muscles.   Read more

Volume or quality, the paradox of training for distance runners

Through the years many runners have dazzled the world with their athletic achievements, Nurmi, Hägg, Kuts, Keino, Zatopek, Viren, Yifter, Gerbselassie, Bekele, Kipchoge, and others, each one with a particular charm to attract the attention of all for the spectacular way of reaching times that other runners find impossible to do, that makes coaches, runners and sports sciences investigators to ask how they do to run so well and what do they do to get such extraordinary results?   Read more

Cross country racing and its importance in the preparation of medium and long distance runners

Cross country events are considered one of the most demanding races in athletics. It is an extremely strenuous event, which is disputed on natural terrain, covered with grass, dirt, snow or mud and with some natural obstacles such as short hills or logs.   Read more

Strength training in young distance runners

Due to the pandemic situation that we are experiencing today, many people remain at home without doing any physical activity; this situation predisposes them to the appearance of diseases related to sedentary lifestyle, as well as high levels of stress and anguish, not only in the adult population, but also among children and adolescents.   Read more

Specificity of competitions and training for mountain races

In recent days, along with some personalities related to trail races, among them the distinguished colleague and Spanish athlete Maigualida Ojeda, I had the honor of being invited by the people of Saber Correr to present a dissertation about the importance of aerobic capacity in trail races.   Read more


When talking about coronavirus, the reference is made to a wide family of viruses that can cause various sickness conditions, from colds to more serious diseases, including pneumonia that can cause death.   Read more

Benefits of jogging in people's health and its quality of life

Chronic diseases such as strokes, cancer, heart attacks, high blood pressure and diabetes are considered the most important public health problems today. In many countries, these pathologies are primarily responsible for a large number of deaths, many of these deaths at an early age, and in many cases are highly related to people's lifestyle and eating habits.   Read more

Beware of becoming obsessed with your workouts

Undoubtedly, running is one of the most performed physical activities in the world, practically most sports and physical activities have their fundamental base in the running: It is impossible to play football, basketball, baseball without doing so during the game. In addition, even when other sports activities do not use for running during its execution, without a doubt this is very important during the preparation for these activities, as example: swimming, cycling, boxing, volleyball and others.   Read more

Why to have a coach?

Today there are many people who start involved in physical activity, being the trot one of the most popular physical activities among people around the world. The reasons for taking part in this activity are diverse and could be included in four main areas: psychological, achievements, social and the physical ones.   Read more

General Adaptation Syndrome

In recent days, I mentioned in my account on social web about what are the questions that every coach should answer before planning the training of their runners.   Read more

Jet lag (Time Shift Syndrome)

Without a doubt, among the pleasures of life, traveling is one of the favorites of human beings. Know countries and places, other people and their cultures and customs, who has not felt the need to travel from time to time?   Read more

Breast implants and running

It is common among humans that many times we are not happy with those who touched us. There are those who are not tall and want to be tall, there are tall that want to be small, there are white people that want to be dark, there are brown people that want to have blond hair, There are so many things that we want to possess and that nature has not given us.   Read more


How many runners have had to endure the hard work of running and suddenly start to feel a sharp and annoying pain at the level of your abdomen, either under your ribs, on one side or all over your abdomen!   Read more

Tempo running

Tempo running are those trainings pace that are performed a faster rhythms than the level of the lactate threshold (85% of the VO2max) and is one of the types of training more effective and relaxing that the distance runner can do.   Read more

Hill training

It is common to find phrases as hills, hills repetitions, long hills, down hills, etc in the glossary of the different training log of runners, a as a very often appear in the different training plans of the runners around the world, but that generally they have the same objectives. To make them better runners!   Read more

Fear and running

Fear, anxiety, nervous, anguish and sports are closely related, maximum with the high sport competition. Paradoxically sport, which is very indicated to oppose to the conditions of anguish and stress among people is one of the factors that generates greater anxiety among people during the practice of sport, the most when it is done at high level of performance.   Read more

Physiological adaptations to the combined training of muscular strength and aerobic work

Many studies suggest that the development of muscle strength has a positive response in the sports performance of distance runners. Strength training and distance runners has gained a lot of interest in recent years and there are many authors that advise the inclusion of strength training to improve muscle strength and with it the race economy and performance.   Read more

Tapering for long distance races

Basically, physical training is nothing other than an adaptation of the body to tolerate greater burdens of physical stress, that is, trains to be able to train stronger and therefore improve in competitions   Read more

Resilience in the distance runners

Once again the distinguished Ecuadorian runner Bayron Piedra is awarded with another South American championship in medium and long distance races to win the gold medal in the 5,000 meters of the South American Games of Cochabamba in Bolivia.   Read more

Why to run?

In recent days, at the end of the most recent edition of the world famous Marathon of Boston, one of my students who was participating in that race, wrote by the we “I feel very excited for having achieved this goal, cold wind all the way... I had to focus in keeping warm after km 25, since all my of clothing, shoes and gloves were soaking wet, so I could cross the finish line regardless of the weatherr͟   Read more

Anaerobic threshold

For many years there has been debate about what would be the best way to improve the threshold Anaerobic in distance corridors, and to a great extent the great debate focuses on each training.   Read more

Training loads

The training load is composed of training volume, intensity, and recovery. The training volume defines the quantitative part of the training load and does not means duration of the training since when speaking of volume we refer to the time or actual distance of effort, and the duration of the training includes possible breaks in the totality of the session.   Read more

The middle distance runners

Middle distance races are those that go from 800 meters to 3,000 meters, although some authors consider the 800 meters as a high speed race, having the middle distance races as the main peculiarity that they run to intensities slower than speed races and faster than long distances races.   Read more

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